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Miracle Day's episode 6 was the first in the series when I found Rex only a tiny bit irritating rather than deeply rage-inducing.  Other than that big plus, I didn't like it as much as last week.

Here there be SPOILERS )


Aug. 6th, 2011 02:08 am
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I haven't posted about it before, but I've been watching Torchwood: Miracle Day.  Spoiler-heavy reaction to ep. 5 is behind the cut.
SPOILERS LIKE WHOA for Miracle Day episode 5 )
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Last night I discovered American Science & Surplus, which sells everything from laboratory beakers to brass sextants to military surplus "oxygen warning switches" to a package of 101 assorted springs.  There's not really anything there that I need, but there are zillions of things that appeal to the part of me that loves new laboratory gear, school supplies, and random weird stuff.  It's all so cheap, you find yourself thinking, "it only costs $3 for 20 five ml glass ampules!  I'm sure there's some use for them!" Plus, the descriptions are often quite entertaining (ex: Like a narcissistic fashion model, but much more useful. You get 10 feet of 3/8" wide, light-green hook-and-loop ribbon. Wouldn't our life be easier if we could say the word that rhymes with Welcro? Yes, it would.)   I'm putting together a steampunk outfit for DragonCon, and there's a bunch of stuff that looks like costume materials. 

I have a vid rec!  "You'll Be Bright" by [livejournal.com profile] diarmi is marvelous celebration of the female companions of New Who.  It's energetic and full of the wonder of exploration. Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy all get plenty of love.  Here's the LJ entry for feedback or download, and here's the youtube version:

I think I'll finally finish off the blasted TV meme now.

Saddest character death. Cut for sadness. )

Urgh, that was depressing.  What we need now are some pictures of weird-looking animals.  There are plenty to be found on the Ugly Endangered Things blog, which highlights the plight and the coolness of endangered species that lack the charisma of giant pandas.  Some of the most recent entries are kind of stretching the definition of ugly, but the archives feature some real doozies, like the Ohio lamprey.
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Last night, while attempting to fall asleep, I had a happy thought.  contains vaguely spoilery references to Children of Earth )

Meanwhile, tonight I made risotto with corn, tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper, and basil, all from local farmers' markets, and local white wine.  Mmmm. 
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Hi, y'all!  I'm back in the states after my trip to the British isles.  I had a great time!  I'll let you know when I've got my photos online.  California looks unbelievably brown by comparison, and is also on fire.  (Darn illegal marijuana farmers can't keep an eye on their camp stoves.)  Also, I go away for two months and when I come back people are bringing guns to protest healthcare reform.  WTF?!? 

On another distressing note, I finally saw Torchwood Children of Earth.  I managed to see the first three episodes while over there, but just didn't have access to a television for the last two.  I've been waiting to find out what happened, and now that I have I'm about to get back on a plane to Wales so I can have strong words with RTD.  spoiler cut, just in case anyone is even more behind than me )
Meanwhile, I've missed a lot of goings-on around the net.  I invite you to comment with the following:

-something from your life over the summer (tell me here or link to relevant lj entry...whatever)
-a fic from over the summer that I should read (CoE or other)
-something else from around the web that I should see.  This can be anything from your favorite hilarious macro to an explanation of the latest fandom drama to something in the news...whatever.  (No serious Doctor Who spoilers, please!)

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I meant to work on the next Illyria story this past weekend, really I did.  Instead I watched Torchwood's End of Days and found myself itching to write this.

Story:  The Sound of Dreams
Author:  me, [personal profile] tardis_stowaway
Characters:  Captain Jack Harkness, mentions of the Doctor and Rose
Rating:  All Ages (Jack is shirking his Innuendo Squad duties)
Disclaimer:  The icon might refer to him as my Captain, but that's a lie.
Summary:  At the close of End of Days, Jack Harkness hears a familiar sound.

Author's Note:  Although I am aware of a certain guest star, I have not yet seen any episodes in Torchwood series 2. Anyone leaving S2 spoilers in the comments will be fed to Weevils. Thanks for understanding!

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My dad is one of the funniest people I know. The best parts of my sense of humor come from him. He is also the person who got me started on Doctor Who. With that in mind, I am going to share selections from an email exchange we had about Torchwood.


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