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I've been feeling rather down about my life and the world lately, but rather than whine about it here is a list of things I've enjoyed lately:

-Dust and Shadow:  An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson by Lyndsay Faye.  This is a marvelous pastiche.  Lyndsay Faye (of the Baker Street Babes podcast, although I think that came after she published this book) has Watson's voice down perfectly.  She keeps the element of humor present in the original stories, but also takes Holmes to a darker emotional place than Sir Arthur generally allowed.  That's a wise choice given the horror of the subject matter.  The OC's are interesting and well-drawn.  I don't know much about Jack the Ripper, but the book appears meticulously researched.  The plot was exciting enough that I skipped intentions I had to leave the house in order to stay home and read.

-Captain Marvel:  In Pursuit of Flight by Kelly Sue Deconnick.  I don't read a lot of comics, but I've been dabbling a tiny bit in Marvel lately after enjoying the Avengers movieverse fandom.  I picked this one up after hearing good reviews and because Kelly Sue seems really cool.  Despite knowing absolutely nothing about Carol Danvers before starting, Captain Marvel:  In Pursuit of Flight made me happy in so many ways.  I was able to follow the plot despite my newbie ignorance.  There's time travel, one of my favorite tropes.  Not only is this a female superhero comic with a costume that covers her full body, drawn in a way that generally eschews gratuitous sexy posing (though she is clearly very attractive), but it also resoundingly passes the Bechdel test.  In fact, the large majority of the secondary characters are women.  Here are women competing over flight records and super powers instead of men, women working together to fight aliens or to fight cancer, women stepping up to embrace their power and potential, women mourning, women rejoicing, women who were put on Earth "to punch holes in the sky."  There's this one full page panel with Captain Marvel flying to the edge of space, looking powerful, and the line "...and we will be the stars we were always meant to be" that I honestly stared at for several minutes because the combination of the art and the sentiment was just so satisfying.  I loved Dexter Soy's art in the first four issues.  Emma Rios's art in issues 5 & 6 wasn't quite so up my alley, but still good.

-I've been catching up on Elementary and very much enjoying it.  All I have left is the season finale.  Joan Watson is a magnificent individual.  Also, we need more Ms. Hudson.

-I finally got around to watching To the Ends of the Earth on Netflix.  I recommend it for all members of the CumberCollective, plus people interested in period naval drama.  It's more of a drama that happens to be set on a boat than a high-seas adventure, though there is certainly an element of danger.  Also, I was amused by how many actors in the show I recognized but couldn't place without a trip to IMDB.  The radical thinker who wants to shoot an albatross?  It's Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park!  The captain of the other ship they meet at sea?  Tywin Lannister!  The girl Cumberbatch's character gets a crush on?  It's that woman who spent most of Love Acually nearly naked with Martin Freeman!  And most impressively, the captain of the main ship?  It's FUCKING MORIARTY (from the RDJ film).

-Exclusive by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge. This is an utterly delightful Avengers-fic told in the form of a long magazine article after they decided to go public with some identity information.  It's hilarious but also has plenty of emotional heft.  It fits beautifully into canon.  The outsider POV and article format are utilized to perfection.  There are great insights into all the characters, with especially interesting Bruce, and lovely team dynamics.  There's also a splendid twist, which apparently took most readers by surprise, though I saw coming a long way out (but I really enjoyed having my theory proved right).  Highly recommended for anyone who ever reads Avengers-fic.  Gen.

-Bel Canto by [livejournal.com profile] bendingsignpost.  Sherlock/John.  It's finished now, but when I was following this fic as a WIP the updates were one of the highlights of my week, even when I knew it would put my heart through the wringer.  This is a fusion of Sherlock and The Phantom of the Opera, though I suspect you could read and enjoy it without knowing or caring much about Phantom.  Do you like stories with intense emotions?  Characters having believable conflicts where neither is entirely in the wrong?  Mrs. Hudson, Molly, and Irene being amazing?  Secret identities?  Danger and excitement?  Period settings?  Beautifully done imagery?  This fic has all of these and more.  It's a 16-chapter epic that will sweep you off your feet and carry you away like some Angel of Music Fanfic.  Heed the warning in the header, though.  D:

What about you, friends?  What in the worlds of fic, film, or print has been making you happy lately?
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God damn it, I had a whole long post that LJ just ate.  >:(  Now I have to rewrite the whole thing.

So, I've been watching Elementary.  I wasn't wild about it at first (other than Lucy Liu, who is wonderful), and I fell behind for a while.  I've finally caught up, and I have to say that it has improved a LOT lately.  I'm really pleased to see it finally hit its stride.  It's great to get a regularly scheduled dose of onscreen Holmes and Watson.  In my opinion, Sherlock is still clearly the better made show as well as MUCH closer to my heart, but I am excited to live in a time that is so rich with diverse interesting Holmes adaptations. 

here there be spoilers )
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-"The Reichenbach Fall" is tomorrow.  In preparation, I reread "The Final Problem" earlier today.  So glad I didn't experience this in real time with the Victorian fandom.  Even knowing that "The Empty House" will reunite them, Watson's grief at Holmes's death still has my emotions in a twist.  I'm even more emotionally invested in the BBC versions of these characters, so I suspect tomorrow is going to require ALL THE SHOCK BLANKETS. 

spoilers for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows )

-I have a Tumblr now.  Unsurprisingly, I'm tardis-stowaway. I'm not planning on taking too much of my activity over there, since I find the platform not very conducive to social interaction.  Also, it favors graphics-based fandom, which is not an area where I can really contribute anything more than reblogs.  Still, I like looking at the pretty pictures (and enjoying the crackiness of Sherlock fandom over there), so I figured it made sense to get myself an account rather than just visiting the individual pages of people who post interesting stuff.  If anyone on my flist has a tumblr and/or can suggest interesting tumblrs to follow, let me know!  Also, I have noticed to my chagrin that people tend to post spoilers without any form of cuts over there.  I understand there is something called Tumblr Savior that helps you block posts tagged as spoilers, but I don't know how this works or where to turn it on.  Help me, Obi Wan Flist. 

-Most of this illustrated review of War Horse could have been written from inside my brain.  (contains spoilers)
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Y'all, there's a trailer for the upcoming RDJ & Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movie!  I don't see a way to embed, but you can watch it right here.  I'm excited!  Holmes rocks some drag, Watson is exasperated and badass, lots of stuff blows up, and (I kid you not) there's spooning.  Whee!  This incarnation of Holmes may not be terribly true to canon, but it retains enough of the important bits to satisfy me, and the first movie was hella fun (not to mention full of glorious slashiness).  I have high hopes for the second to follow in its footsteps.

In other movie news, I went to see Midnight in Paris.  It was a frothy wish-fulfillment fantasy, but I really enjoyed it.  There's time travel to visit famous authors and artists, which is one of my favorite recurring tropes in Doctor Who.  It's really funny, especially conversations with Hemmingway or Salvador Dali.  Owen Wilson and the rest of the cast give excellent performances.  The shrewish fiance character is over the top–I had no clue what brought this couple together in the first place–but other than that Midnight in Paris was a charming comedic love letter to Paris.
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Y'all, I've seen some of the best things on dvd lately.  Stuff that makes me flail my arms in the air in happiness. 

On Fringe, I'm up to "Brown Betty" (2x20).  Fringe S2 in general has been stellar, but this episode takes the cake for being brilliantly bonkers. 

Fringe 2x20 spoilers )

Tonight I watched The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.  I've been meaning to watch it for quite some time, and except for a few issues it did not disappoint.  Getting the disappointment out of the way, I thought the ending was a let down.    Other than that, it was like they made this film just for me (Mark Gatiss also loves it deeply, so I'm in good company).  So much fan candy, y'all!  There is ho yay and an investigation involving the Loch Ness monster.  Those things alone would please me, but there's so much more.   spoilers )

I should probably stop flailing on my keyboard.  It's way past bedtime.  But y'all, watch Fringe and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.  Now. 


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