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So it's late and it's a work night, but I won't be able to sleep if I don't take a moment to flail my arms and/or typing fingers in delight at Neil Gaiman's episode of Doctor Who.

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Happy enough that I want to do this dance:

After one of the dimwits at AT&T finally told me that the dsl service I was receiving just fine three weeks ago absolutely couldn't be restored (*shakes fist at corporate idiocy*),  I bit the bullet and called Comcast yesterday about cable internet.  It costs a fair amount more than dsl, which is not good for me right now, but it's worth it.  Ordering by phone was easy and fairly quick, and they scheduled a technician to come out and make it happen the very next day.  (That technician arrived two hours later than the end of the time window they told me, but when he arrived he was rather hot, so that was something.)  Look how easy that was. 

Now I have beautiful, blazing fast internet that I can access from my own sofa, bed, kitchen, or any other location in the house.  It's like I'm living in the 21st century or something!   I want to pet the internet and whisper "my precioussssss" to it. 

Here is one of the many shiny things that I can once again view in the privacy of my home:  a brilliant fan-made map of the TARDIS.  It's gorgeous, intricate, funny, and sometimes even poignant.  This, kids, is why fandom is awesome.
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Despite some weaknesses and some things I'm still making up my mind about, The Eleventh Hour succeeded in making me squee and reassuring me that this is still a show I can love.  Matt Smith wins my approval, assuming he continues to grow and make the role his own.
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According to the BBC, the adorably named English town of Westbury-sub-Mendip has turned a disused phone booth into an honor-system library. It's a lovely idea, provided you have the sort of community that will take good care of it. However, it would be SO much more awesome if the box in question was actually a TARDIS. A TARDIS-lookalike police call box would be cool enough, and a real TARDIS would be far better. You know you want a library that's bigger on the inside!

Assuming, of course, that the enormous TARDIS-sized library could be prevented from infestations of pests like the Vashta Nerada. (One could also add River Song to the list of library infestations to be avoided, though opinions differ on this matter.)
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Thanks to all the people who have read and reviewed this story. The sequel, "Danger Shall Seem Sport," is currently posted on my author page on Teaspoon and will be added to lj soon. I'm in the middle of writing the third installment in the series.

Title: What country, friends, is this?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] tardis_stowaway
Rating: PG for a bit of language
Spoilers: Through Doomsday
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all its characters belong to the BBC, not me. Alas!
Story Summary: Post-Doomsday, Rose still runs for her life. One night she runs into someone she never expected to see again. Problem #1: It's hard to have a blissful reunion with someone who has never met you. Problem #2: A Nine from the universe where Rose Tyler was never born is bound to have some unresolved issues.
Chapter Notes: In which everyone takes a shower.

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1: Patience on a Monument
Chapter 2: O Mistress Mine, Where Are You Roaming?
Chapter 3: Trip No Further, Pretty Sweeting
Chapter 4: Secret as Maidenhead

Chapter 5: A Bad Recompense )


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