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Last night I dreamt a Sherlock/Elementary crossover.  Both Sherlocks and their Watsons were in some big fancy skyscraper at night, working together on a case.  Sadly I remember absolutely no details of the mystery.  There was lots of snarking and arguing amongst Sherlock, Sherlock, John, and Joan, but they were ultimately putting their heads together and making good progress on the case.  Then the Elementary pair were poisoned!  (By the bad guys, not the BBC characters.)  The poison had been hidden in a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap that I guess both of them used before either manifested symptoms, with the poison being absorbed through the skin.  (I have no clue why that is just about the only detail my brain retained upon waking.)  They weren't dead yet, but their chances of survival weren't good.  I remember feeling really upset, both because they were people I cared about who were in danger of dying, but also because if they died I wouldn't have any televised Holmes to watch while waiting for BBC!Sherlock's series three.  My dream gave all the Holmeses and Watsons this odd sort of doubled existence of being simultaneously real people and television characters.

Sadly I woke up before I found out whether Joan and her Holmes lived, if the mystery was ever solved, or whether any of them ever made out.

Having that dream prompted me to finally finish the season in Elementary. I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I'd been spoiled about Moriarty's identity weeks ago (fucking tumblr, I am seriously pissed off at you), which reduced the emotional impact.  Making Irene actually Moriarty was an interesting twist that I don't really feel like analyzing right now.  I did like that she switched from an American accent (appropriate for canon Irene, a detail I was glad they included) back to her English accent after the reveal.

Before the reveal,  thought the decision to have Holmes attempt to pass off the case to Watson so he could take care of Irene and her apparent PTSD was odd and not in line with how I view Sherlock's character (certainly in canon and even in Elementary's interpretation).  Holmes cares about his people, absolutely. I can imagine Holmes dropping an unrelated case to take care of Watson or someone else who needed him emotionally, but I cannot see him abandoning the investigation of his love's kidnapping and turning it over to anyone else, even Watson.  He would see bringing the kidnapper to justice as the best way to help Irene.  Griping aside, I did like the end of the season quite a bit overall.  It goes without saying that Watson is amazing.

Random note:  in the scene where Moriarty shot the rogue henchman and revealed herself to Sherlock, I kept getting distracted by my lust for her jacket.  It was sexy, interesting, and dangerous-looking.  Seriously, this is a fierce garment, and I covet it.  I just did a bit of googling to see if I could find it.  Turns out that the jacket is made by Belstaff, the makers of Cumberbatch's Sherlock coat.  Coincidence...or conspiracy?  Clever commentary on how close Moriarty and Holmes are to being the same?  At any rate, it's on sale for a mere $999.  Apparently crime does pay.
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