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Hello, all!  I should probably make a longer post with actual content by me at some point, but not now.  This is just a drive-by entry to rec some things:

-First, The World on His Wrist, an extraordinary Sherlock fic where John Watson experiences parallel lives.  After he's shot in Afghanistan, his time fractures, leaving him alternating between a life in Afghanistan where he's never shot, a life as a doctor in Essex who never went to war, and two lives where he was shot and eventually moved back to London, but only in one does he end up sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes.  The premise takes a little getting used to, but the story's construction is impeccable and the writing is gorgeous.  It's by [livejournal.com profile] bendingsignpost, who is also known in Who fandom as [livejournal.com profile] rallalon, which will give some of you an idea of how good you can expect this story to be.  :)  There's a lovely element of Sherlock/John UST and plenty of John being a BAMF.  Read it.

-Second, you probably aren't aware that you want to read Sally Sparrow/Amy Pond, but after you read Used & New by [livejournal.com profile] kaydeefalls you will realize that you needed this fic in your life.  There is an alien hedgehog and lots of hilarity but also a gentle wistfulness. 

-Third, on a completely different note, I've never read Lemony Snicket's books, but I approve of his observations regarding Occupy Wall Street.  For example, Money is like a child—rarely unaccompanied. When it disappears, look to those who were supposed to be keeping an eye on it while you were at the grocery store. You might also look for someone who has a lot of extra children sitting around, with long, suspicious explanations for how they got there.

-Fourth, on a similar note to the previous item, an image:
under cut to spare your flist )

-Fifth, completely unrelated to any of the above, I recommend the web series Husbands.  It's a comedy by Jane Espenson (squee!) set in a near future where same sex marriage becomes fully legal in the US.  Two men who recently started dating, one an actor and the other a professional baseball player, go out to celebrate in Vegas and end up drunk married.  Will they stick it out?  The series is really funny but also quite sweet.  There are 11 short (>3 min.) episodes, the full first series, so go enjoy. 

-Lastly, it's coming up on the time of year when many people set themselves insanely ambitious writing tasks.  I salute you all.  For myself, I'll be sticking with [livejournal.com profile] wrisomifu (Write Something, you Miserable Fuck), where the challenge is to write at least ten minutes a day.  Complaining about it endlessly on the comm is encouraged.  Given how my muse seems to have died, been buried under sediment, and turned into fossil lately, this should be a legitimate challenge to me.  If anyone cares to join me, sign-ups will be open on October 28-31.
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Thought of the day:  you know what the Whoniverse really needs?  Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy, playing a Time Agent.  THIS IS THE CASTING IDEA YOUR CASTING IDEA COULD SMELL LIKE.  Can you not imagine him hanging around with young Jack and John Hart, making outrageous innuendos, seducing people of all species and genders, and alternately fighting and committing crime? 

I am not sure whether I want this character more on Torchwood S4, because it sounds like it needs some wisecracking Time Agently hotness, or Doctor Who, because I think watching the reactions of Eleven, Amy and Rory would be hilarious. 

Meanwhile, courtesy of a large portion of my flist, we have a fic love meme.  I feel a little greedy posting this, but I am human and I like hearing kind words.  Hopefully encouragement will excite my muse.  The Doctor/Jack fic is REALLY CLOSE, and I need to finish it up and get cracking on another project.

the that's my favorite! meme
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Last night, I had the late night urge to combine my new muffin pan with the blueberries I'd bought at the previous week's farmers' market. Blueberry cinnamon muffins happened.  Yum!  I am the Evil Midnight Muffin Maker What Makes Muffins at Midnight. (Anyone who gets that The Tick reference gets +5 points.)

Today, I did a nice hike up Bishop's Peak, ran some errands, bought more produce at the big Farmers' Market/street fair in SLO, and settled in at Linnaea's Cafe to try to accomplish a bit of work on the Jack/Doctor fic I'm writing.  It turned out that there was going to be live music, a fairly common occurrence at the cafe, and generally a welcome one.  The woman onstage tonight had a lovely voice and a "folk funk" (her description) sound that I was really digging.  Then, a few songs in, she announced, "this song is about River Tam."

I did a double-take.  Yes, she meant Firefly's River Tam.  I had serendipitously shown up at a geek concert in a non-convention venue, as another audience member more prepared than me soon proved by donning a Jayne hat.  The concert included several more songs, maybe a third of the ones she played, vaguely or not-so-vaguely referencing Firefly mixed in with the more standard singer-songwriter fare.  The non-filk songs often had a humorous touch ("You're like an avocado, baby.  You're only really good for one day.")  She also played an anthem about being a geek, featuring percussion played on a manual typewriter.  I repeat:  manual typewriter percussion. 

Her name is Marian Call, and you should check her out!  You can listen to some of her music streaming on her website.

The concert must have helped with the fannish brainwaves, because even though my fic only had half my attention, I finally managed to write a version I like of a scene that had been giving me trouble.  Hooray!

Bonus geek moment of the week:  I wandered into a local bead store a few days ago, just to see what was in there (answer:  beads).  The woman behind the counter became the first stranger to ever speak in recognition of the small TARDIS pin on my purse.  
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Meme time!  First, I'm nabbing the "seven things about my writing process" meme from [livejournal.com profile] eponymous_rose  and [livejournal.com profile] rosa_writes .  (Cue skeptical cries of "you have a writing process?!?"  Yes, I do. It's just so slow that it rarely results in actual fic.)

1.  Stories usually start with a general concept.  I turn that concept over in my head for a while, thinking of some scenes and plot elements that might happen in that scenario.  Usually by the time I start writing I have the beginning sitting in my head in a fair amount of detail, plus a few key scenes along the way.  The ending and the rest of the middle are generally much vaguer at the start.  This method results in a lot of temporarily stalled and permanently abandoned stories on my hard drive, but I like working things out as I go along.  Outlines are rare and generally made halfway through a story if I feel like I need a better idea of the structure. 

2.  For longer stories, I usually have one or more sources of mood inspiration besides the DW canon.  That inspiration typically gives me my titles as well as some themes or a tone.  For the "Illyria" series it's Twelfth Night.  For "Path of Needles," it's clearly oodles of fairy tales, especially Little Red Riding Hood, plus various works derived from fairy tales.  I'm working on a mostly-done Doctor/Jack story entitled "Mercy of the Fallen" after the Dar Williams song. 

3.  I do much of my writing in coffee shops.  I concentrate much more easily there than at home.  In addition to having caffeine, I think the effort of tuning out the other people focuses me on what I'm doing, plus the time limit of only having so long I can reasonably occupy a table tends to  prod me to get writing and not dither around on the internet.  My bank account doesn't like this habit, but I really am much more productive there than in my apartment.

4.  I edit incessantly as I write.  I've heard that this is a bad habit, but I just have trouble leaving a sentence alone until it's right.  I can sometimes manage to make myself a deal to come back later if I realize that a large section needs fixing.  Generally, however, I like to get things as good as possible before moving on.  Of course I edit even more once I'm done with a draft, but I rarely make large changes in the shape of the story once the ending is in place.

5.  I almost always type my stories rather than writing by hand first.  The ability to move words around easily is invaluable.  While I don't usually create fast enough for it to matter, on those magic days when my muse is in hyperdrive I type faster than I write.  On the rare occasions when I make an outline, however, these are always on paper.  MS Word's autoformatting is a pain in the butt, and if I'm going to have an outline I want to be able to see it without having to toggle between windows.

6.  When I decide I need to cut out or drastically revamp a paragraph or more, I usually paste the original version at the end of the story's file along with other cut snippets.  Knowing that I'm not yet irrevocably getting rid of those words I slaved over gives me the confidence to make bigger changes and try new things.  I rarely put the originals back, but I like having them there just in case I change my mind.

7.  I rarely place in chapter divisions as I write.  Every now and then events will clearly suggest a chapter break (like the moment Rose exploded in "Path of Needles," which was a chapter ending from before I set fingers to keyboard for that story), but usually I treat the story as a whole until the first draft is done.  Once I'm sure how long it is and I know the plot is basically settled, then it's time to divide it and tweak the story accordingly. 

And now, ye olde 30 Days of TV Meme.

Day 27:  Best pilot episode

Eh, most of my favorite shows were not at their best in their pilots.  I remember the pilot of Twin Peaks as being very good, if sad, though it's been many years since I saw that.  Lost had a cool pilot episode that did an impressive job of introducing a lot of characters and some mystery.  However, I think I may award this one to Heroes.  The beautifully shot pilot set up a bunch of intriguing characters.  When I rewatched Heroes S1 (the only season really worth a rewatch) a few months ago, I was astonished at how much happened in the pilot.  By the end of the episode, Hiro has had his "yatta!" moment of teleportation to NYC, Claire's dad is seen to be involved in some suspicious business, Isaac has painted the bomb exploding, and Peter has jumped off a building, only to be caught by Nathan. On first viewing, I was left eager to know more about these people, their powers, and how they could be connected. 

All three pilots I nominated are from shows I stopped watching before their endings.  Apparently a great beginning leads to increased likelihood of disappointing me later. 


Oct. 26th, 2009 12:26 am
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-While sitting in a public park in the ridiculously warm weather, I saw a man bicycling past with a LIVE IGUANA on his back. 

-I netflixed Terminator because I'd never seen it before.  I can't really offer much of an opinion on the movie as a whole because I kept getting distracted by the extreme eighties-ness of the hair and clothes and dissolving into giggles.  Also, in other states, if there is film available of the governor's naked butt it usually requires an apologetic press conference.  California is a special place.

-Netflix also recently delivered the first disc of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  It was funny and quite enjoyable, if not my usual sort of thing.  I was glad that Hannah/Belle's speech and makeup were different enough from what Billie Piper had in Doctor Who that I wasn't constantly thinking "Rassilon's toenails, Rose!  What the hell are you doing?"  Sometimes, but not constantly.

-After a few weeks of being out of the writing mode, I finally made a tiny bit more progress on the post-CoE Jack/Doctor angst-fest that is currently the least stuck of my fic ideas.  However, a substantial part of today's wordcount was the lads digressing into a discussion of cowboys.  *facepalm*  Muse, you baffle me. 

-Let me say this again:  bicyclist with live iguana.

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I wait to watch DW until it shows on American TV here so I can call my dad afterwards to talk about it.  He doesn't like the idea of illegally downloading stuff, and I'm not sure if my parents' elderly computer could even handle it.  He's my RL Who buddy, and I want to be on the same schedule as him.  Watching ahead would feel unfair.  However, reading LJ right now makes my resolve really hard to keep.  I shall be strong! 

Meanwhile, my brain has been hijacked by an unusually aggressive plot bunny.  I finally gave in and started to write it when it promised to be short.  It has not, of course, kept its promise, but at least it is coming along fairly quickly on the me scale.  It's not Illyria (I've written quite a bit of the next Illyria story, but it acts like it's being written by ents:  not hastily.)  However, the work in progress that's actually progressing has Rose attempting to get back to her home universe and ending up lost in the woods.  While carrying a basket of cookies.  And wearing red.  Bad Wolf exacerbates my natural tendency to fangirl fairy tales in a ridiculously obvious manner.  There's even a short appearance by Jack riding a white horse.

On writing

Jan. 27th, 2008 12:09 pm
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The writing process is fascinating.  Yesterday I made some progress on "All Thy Pride," the next Illyria story.  (Don't get your hopes up!  It will be a long while yet before it sees the light of the internet.  The story is likely to be lengthy, and I write very slowly.)  Later that evening, while doing something completely different, I suddenly had an inspiration about how to resolve a plot point that will arise later in the story.  I need to give one of the characters from the crossover (still secret at the moment) a backstory that is going to whump her rather severely so that she's in a mental place to make a very brave decision.  Sometimes writing is so laborious, all conscious management of every little detail and structural element.  Then sometimes it's like this, when I could quite clearly hear the character confessing her past, so distant from my conscious control that I got thoroughly upset when I understood what happened to the poor girl.  When the time comes to put that scene on the screen, it will still be difficult work to find the exact words to bring it across, but the bones of the scene are in my head like one of my own memories.  She'll gain some reasons for her actions that will make her  a much more sympathetic character (in original form she's a bit of a caricature), but I'm rather disturbed by the underlayers of my brain for coming up with this.

Meanwhile, plot bunnies keep assaulting my brain and attempting to turn my limited writing time away from this story.  In addition to the stories I listed on my post of upcoming fic a while back, I've added to the stack a few vignettes of Ten and Rose visiting places in California and a rather disturbing explanation of what was between the Master and Lucy Saxon, who are quite disturbing enough without my help.  I seriously need to bring out the Holy Hand Grenade to beat back these vicious rabbits with their nasty, sharp, pointy teeth of unwanted inspiration.

Meanwhile, in RL:  nonstop rain! 


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