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David Tennant and Billie Piper will be in the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who!

This is actual news from the real BBC and it's not April 1st.  This is real.

TEN (or 10.2) and ROSE!!!!!!!!  In a new episode!  Airing this November!  I'm stuck in exclamation point mode because I'm just that excited!!!!!!!

Please don't fuck this up, Moffat.

Rather than just retyping DAVID TENNANT AND BILLIE PIPER over and over in increasingly large and bold type, here is a selection of gifs to attempt to convey my joy.

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Check it out, y'all:  John Barrowman has just been announced as a guest at Dragon*Con!!!

Squeeee!!!!  Everything I've seen indicates that he's great at public appearances, really hilarious and gracious.  I can't wait to see for myself. 

Eve Myles and Jane Espenson will also be there (yaaaaaaaaay!!!), meaning that the Torchwood panels should be EPIC.

Obligatory gif:

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I have been largely absent from LJ lately for no good reason.  I hope to catch up on my flist over the next few days, but for now, the fast version of a Hounds of Baskerville reaction.

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I need to sleep and/or finish editing fic (yes, I may actually post something in the not too distant future, unbelievable as that is), but instead I'm going to abuse exclamation points while I list my latest sources of joy and anticip...

-Just saw Sherlock Holmes:  Game of Shadows!  Will try to post full thoughts later, but my sources of squee very much overpowered my gripes.  I got home after seeing it with a non-fannish friend and had to take a moment to jump up and down, that's how happy it made me.

-First Hobbit trailer is out!

-Less than a week until Doctor Who Christmas special!

-Clips from Sherlock S2 out!

-Less than two weeks until Sherlock S2!!

DYING OF FANDOM SQUEE, Y'ALL!  IT'S LIKE FOUR SERIAL SUICIDES AND THEN A NOTE, OR CHRISTMAS.   Oh wait, it actually IS Christmas, or almost. That may explain it. 
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So it's late and it's a work night, but I won't be able to sleep if I don't take a moment to flail my arms and/or typing fingers in delight at Neil Gaiman's episode of Doctor Who.

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Tonight, there was Doctor Who on a pirate ship.  To repurpose Benjamin Franklin's comment about beer, this is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy*.  Mind you, it wasn't a terribly good episode in most ways, but I'm not going to let a little thing like that get in the way of my enjoyment.

*Note:  Moffat is very much not God, though when he okayed a pirate episode he might have shared the loving us and wanting us to be happy.  For now.

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Look!  Peter Jackson just released a ten minute video diary about preproduction and the start of filming on the set of The Hobbit


How the heck am I going to deal with this level of anticipation for as long as it will take to get this movie released??? 

I'm highly amused by the welcome ceremony where everyone in the cast and crew is wearing street clothes except for Andy Serkis, who appears to already be in his motion capture suit.  Possibly that IS what he wears on the street?  Also, presumably when everyone has their costumes and is acting in character, my brain will be a little less "ha, John Watson is in Middle Earth!"
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I finally got around to seeing the final episode of Sherlock the other day.  spoilers afoot! )

Meanwhile, it has been super foggy and cold the past two days.  If y'all are tired of summer, come on over to the CA central coast.  There's none around here.  Bring a little of it with you for my sake.
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I'm going to watch the latest Doctor Who later tonight.  Until then, let me interest about two or three people in my squeeing about Merlin.  (Note: spoilers for Merlin 2x04, "Lancelot and Guinevere," but I'm not bothering to cut because  it just aired in the US, and I think anyone who cares has seen it.)

I just saw “Lancelot and Guinevere,” which featured what appeared to be giant naked mole rats!  I bloody love this show!   

I was gleeful when Morgana distracted kidnappers with her beauty and then kicked ass.  Gwen showed once again that she is just ridiculously brave.   Morgana’s pleas for someone to rescue Gwen are the stuff of which femslash is made.

Lancelot is great, even if he does complicate my already complicated shipping preferences for the show.  He’s smart and full of chivalry (not to mention hot), but alas, I fear that his self-sacrifice in leaving to attempt to stay out of the way of Arthur’s feelings for Gwen will come back to bite them all in the butt.  (Side note:  I remember reading some retelling of Arthurian legend at some fairly young age and thinking how sad it was the Guinevere was supposed to choose between Arthur and Lancelot when she loved them both, and wouldn’t it be nice if she could have both of them?  And thus was my first OT3 born.  Then along came this goofy show, and suddenly it's OT-most of the cast.)

In conclusion, release the kraken man-eating giant naked fucking mole rats!

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Despite some weaknesses and some things I'm still making up my mind about, The Eleventh Hour succeeded in making me squee and reassuring me that this is still a show I can love.  Matt Smith wins my approval, assuming he continues to grow and make the role his own.
The eleven billionth Eleventh Hour reaction post. SPOILERS!!!!!  )
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So, prior to watching a new Doctor get born, for my New Year's Day I saw an elephant seal get born!  I live near a major elephant seal breeding beach, so I've seen lots of baby seals (and lots of seals getting conceived), but this is the first time I actually saw one giving birth.  Very cool!  When she was done the crowd applauded.
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Star Trek!

May. 9th, 2009 06:12 pm
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STAR TREK ZOMG!  I really enjoyed that movie.  It wasn't flawless, but overall I thought it was pretty damn fantastic.  As a person who hasn't paid much attention to Trek for years but watched it A LOT when I was in middle school or so, I give this movie an emphatic live long and prosper sign.

random thoughts on the movie. WARNING: contains SPOILERS and squee! )


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