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Gallifrey One is coming up this weekend!  I am bursting with excitement at getting to spend all weekend with fantastic Whovians.  One of the fun traditions at the con is giving or trading ribbons with slogans that people hang from their con badges (frequently in long trains).  This year I've ordered a stack of my own for a bit of fandom collision.

I'm very pleased with my shock blanket orange "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" ribbons.  The samples are posed with Jack Harkness, my copy of the canon Holmes stories (plus Chicks Dig Timelords and other contents of my bookshelf), and the sonic screwdriver.  Because if I'm going to do something quite as ridiculous as taking a photo of the ribbons I'm taking to a con, I'm going to go all the way with geekiness in the photo.
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Y'all, there are pictures of Martin Freeman in his Bilbo Baggins costume!!!  With giant hobbit feet.  This is so adorable yet so awesome.  How will I cope until December 2012?

Now, if only they'd issue some pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in his dragon costume*!  Kinda like this:
deliberately bad artist's rendition that came out even worse than intended )

*Note:  Of course I know this is not how it works.
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At a concert Friday night (Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band), I started thinking about musical instruments and how many of them have distinct personality types stereotypically associated with them.  Of course there's plenty of exceptions to these stereotypes–I've known shy trumpet players and smart drummers, and one of the most macho guys in my high school played the flute–but they aren't entirely without basis in fact.  After all, people sometimes choose an instrument because it speaks to some aspect of their personalities.  Then my mind drifted into fandom.  Now I've got a question for y'all.

Which characters do you think play or used to play an instrument, and which instrument?  Sherlock plays the violin, of course, and John says he learned the clarinet (though there's no evidence he's kept it up).  The Doctor has been observed playing the recorder (as Two) and the organ (as Ten in The Lazarus Experiment).  I'd love to hear more canonical examples, but even more than that, dear flist, I want your speculation.  (My examples below are from Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms, since that's where I mainly hang out, but if you feel like discussing something else, go for it!) 

Does Lestrade spend his off-hours playing electric guitar in a band with some of his mates from the Yard?  Did Amy Pond decide to rub her Scottishness in the faces of the people of Leadworth by learning the bagpipes?  Does Eleven play the banjo, because banjos are cool?  Does Captain Jack like to blow a trumpet?  Does Anthea get the finger dexterity for that Blackberry from playing the piano, or does she let off steam playing bass in an all-woman punk band?  Does Anderson enjoy how his trombone sounds like he's always imagined the call of the noble Parasaurolophus? 

For the record, I played the French horn from fifth grade until I graduated high school.  If any of y'all play(ed) instruments, feel free to share that too. 
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Wandering around the web, I came across this macro, which made me laugh for far longer than any rational person should at such a pun.

(via http://fuckyeahdavdtent.tumblr.com/)

I think it's her expression as she looks at the sweet tea.  Genius! 

Also, as a girl from the South, I'd like to give a shout out to sweet tea in general.  Iced tea is actually not my favorite beverage (I like my tea hot, and if it's hot outside then I'd rather drink lemonade or coke), but if you're going to drink iced tea, sweet is the way to go.

Meanwhile, this music video, linked to by Neil Gaiman, is hilarious.  It is also VERY NSFW, so it's going under a cut.
brown paper bag of literary hilarity )

That song is a major ear worm.    
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Behold, two videos made of 100% pure win.

I want to be friends with every single person in this video.  Librarians reimagine Lady Gaga (complete with a Doctor Who reference!):

Star Trek TOS combined with Monty Python?  Let's do watch this video.  'Tis a silly thing.

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A local movie theater does monthly showings of old favorite movies, and tonight was The Princess Bride.  I own that movie, but nevertheless I shelled out the money for the privilege of seeing it on a big screen with a bunch of other enthusiastic people.  There wasn't as much quoting along with lines as I might have expected (probably for the best), but there were big laughs all the time and also massive applause when Inigo finally finished off Count Rugen, the six-fingered man.  I adore that movie so much!  Westley's snark is a thing of beauty.

Meanwhile, on the subject of humor that has some relation to books, I recently learned of the blog Good Show Sir, which makes fun of really bad sf/fantasy book covers.  Some of the book covers are in hilariously poor taste, and the captions are often very funny (though occasionally poorly punctuated, alas). 

Also, while I suspect that almost everybody has seen it by now, if you haven't yet watched [livejournal.com profile] di_br's vid "Tenth Doctor:  the Musical," YOU MUST REMEDY THAT IMMEDIATELY.  It's embedded below for your convenience, or visit the vidder's LJ post here to comment in LJ or for download links.  It really does sum up Ten's era in a hilarious manner.

You're welcome.
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My mother likes sending me links to silly things online.  Imagine my surprise when one day she sent me a link leading to An Archive of Our Own (AO3)!  Had she discovered my fanfiction habit?  Was she coming out of the closet about a fanfic habit of her own?  No on both counts, thank heavens.  The link was for Wait Wait Don't Eat Me, a fic about NPR's news quiz show, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me*, reporting on the zombie apocalypse.  Let me say that again:  National Public Radio fanfic, with zombies.  It's utterly hilarious!  The voices for all of the hosts and panelists are exactly right, and I cracked up at the news about what various politicians and other famous people were doing in response to the zombie hordes.  A zombie calls in to be a listener contestant.  The consequences of giving too little on the pledge drive are revealed. 

Still curious about where on Earth my mother located this, I checked the Wait Wait website and found that they had linked to the fic on their twitter feed.  I know that my mother uses Twitter to follow some people (our phone conversations frequently include discussing the latest news from Neil Gaiman as if he were a family friend), so I am choosing to assume that she found the story through that tweet. 

God, I love the Internet!  (Other awesome and COMPLETELY unrelated internet stuff:  DW writer Paul Cornell's blog post the other day denouncing the perception encouraged by the media that to be Christian is to be homophobic.  Well said, Paul!  It bothers me that the most hateful strand of the Christian faith is so often the loudest, and it bothers me that the media discourse just amplifies these strident voices who do NOT speak for the Jesus I see in the Bible, nor do they speak for me.  Like Paul, I'm a person of faith, and I am in favor of GLBT rights.  Passionately so.  I know many other Christians of various sorts who feel the same.  As a more or less Quaker person, I might worship quietly, but I refuse to be silent in standing up for the rights of others.  I don't feel the need to talk about my faith a whole lot in the secular world, but I do get tired of hearing atheists and agnostics who are allies on the political and social issues I care about assuming that intelligence, logic, compassion, open-mindedness, and progressivism are antithetical to belief in a higher power.  Stop with the pigeonholing, people.)

*For those of you who aren't in the US or aren't public radio listeners, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is a weekly news quiz comedy show with a combination of listeners phoning in, regular panelists, and celebrity guests.  It's well worth checking out the podcast if you aren't in an area where you can hear it broadcast.  Even without zombie apocalpyse, it makes me laugh out loud every week.  It helps that Peter Sagal, the host, is apparently a huge geek.
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First, I just discovered something called Auto-Tune the News on YouTube. It's a series of music videos where people in the news (Katie Couric, Joe Biden, etc.) are made to sound like they are singing, with beats and edited-in background singers. They're hilarious. My favorite is number 6, about Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, a climate change bill, and drugs, among other topics. The other vids (there are nine) are excellent as well. Here ya go:

And now, for the bored or those who want to share some recs, a meme from [livejournal.com profile] isiscaughey :

1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Where do you live:
4: What are you studying/What are you working as:
5. What makes you happy:
6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. Favorite place to be:
11. Favorite lyric:
12. Best time of the year:
13. Weirdest food you like:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A song:
4: A band:

1. Favorite Fandom:
2. OTP/OT3:
3. Icon/Fic Journal if you've got one:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?


Oct. 26th, 2009 12:26 am
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-While sitting in a public park in the ridiculously warm weather, I saw a man bicycling past with a LIVE IGUANA on his back. 

-I netflixed Terminator because I'd never seen it before.  I can't really offer much of an opinion on the movie as a whole because I kept getting distracted by the extreme eighties-ness of the hair and clothes and dissolving into giggles.  Also, in other states, if there is film available of the governor's naked butt it usually requires an apologetic press conference.  California is a special place.

-Netflix also recently delivered the first disc of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  It was funny and quite enjoyable, if not my usual sort of thing.  I was glad that Hannah/Belle's speech and makeup were different enough from what Billie Piper had in Doctor Who that I wasn't constantly thinking "Rassilon's toenails, Rose!  What the hell are you doing?"  Sometimes, but not constantly.

-After a few weeks of being out of the writing mode, I finally made a tiny bit more progress on the post-CoE Jack/Doctor angst-fest that is currently the least stuck of my fic ideas.  However, a substantial part of today's wordcount was the lads digressing into a discussion of cowboys.  *facepalm*  Muse, you baffle me. 

-Let me say this again:  bicyclist with live iguana.

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First, this NY Times article about kids coming out in middle school was really heartwarming.  Yes, there are really upsetting statistics about how many queer* youth experience bullying, but plenty of these kids are receiving support from at least some of their friends, family, and school officials in a way that would have been unthinkable not so long ago, and the ones who are out are facing their situation with impressive courage.  The coolest part is that many of the kids profiled don't just come from traditionally accepting places like NYC and San Francisco but also from places like Tulsa, OK.  There's still a long way to go, however,  The article's discussion of how much kids use "gay" as an all-purpose insult is sadly on target.  I work with middle-schoolers and hear this sort of upsetting language all the time.  (I'm pretty forgiving of kids' misbehavior, often excessively so, but insults based on sexual orientation make me put my foot down so hard the ground shakes.)  Still, I like to think our culture is slowly but surely making progress towards acceptance. 

On a completely different note, a story from the Onion: Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds of Secret Arctic Lairs

"You spend your whole career concocting a brilliant scheme to wipe out all of mankind, and what happens?" Dr. Raygun continued. "They bring about a major global catastrophe completely on their own, those fools!"

LOL!  I've been feeling pretty frustrated about the wimpy, minimal progress on the international talks on climate change and the even sadder state of affairs within the US, so it was nice to find a bit of black humor at our ongoing failure to do anything to save civilization and the biosphere while there might still be a chance.

*While the term "queer" is still sometimes used insultingly, I follow the practice of the activist groups at the college I attended in reclaiming it as a respectful term that encompasses all the diversity of non-straight sexual orientation without being as unwieldy as saying gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans.
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You may have seen some of the macros floating around the net of Kanye West invading various other contexts.  Here are some examples and here are some more (scroll down through the comments to see some of my favorites!) Here's a twist on the theme from Star Trek.

I just made one of my own.  (link goes to the post on [livejournal.com profile] ihasatardis.  I'm sufficiently proud of it that I needed to point it out to those of you who don't otherwise read that community.)

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I come to rec some things that have made me laugh lately.

Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura by [livejournal.com profile] trisfic. Absolutely hilarious NuTrek fic that does what it says on the tin. I love the idea of Kirk and Uhura as platonic BFFs (somewhat unwillingly on Uhura's part at first, but Kirk is endearing like an ill-mannered puppy.) The scene where Uhura and Kirk have learned about pon farr is particularly priceless. Also the scene where Spock seeks advice on the arts. And Kirk's attempt to get Uhura to go shopping with him. Really, the whole fic is worthwhile. Uhura/Spock and implied Kirk/McCoy, but the focus is definitely the friendship.

Some of you may have seen the phenomenon on YouTube of Literal Music Videos, where people take music videos and replace the original song lyrics with something that literally describes what's going on in the video. The first one I was was Take On Me, and it's highly amusing. Yesterday I saw this vid for "Total Eclipse of the Heart," and it made my day. Note that you don't need to be familiar with the song or original video to end up in hysterics.

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On a whim, I purchased an egg dying kit in the grocery store a few days ago. This evening I indulged my nostalgia by dyeing some eggs. The score stands as follows:

Starting egg count: one dozen (12)
Eggs so cracked during hard-boiling that they became undyeable: 3
Eggs seriously cracked during the dying process: 3
Eggs successfully dyed: 6/12
Completed dye jobs I actually liked: 1, for generous definitions of "like"

I fail at elementary school-level crafts. :-P

On the plus side, I saw two videos on YouTube that fill me with glee. They're about the Master's application to the Evil League of Evil, and they're friggin' brilliant.

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This is fantastic:

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Now I'm off to go contra dancing wearing my super-swirly Renn Faire skirt. Hooray!

icon meme

Nov. 21st, 2008 06:42 pm
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I am off of work for the whole week of Thanksgiving.  The break makes me outlandishly happy.  The kids were fun this week, but I'm ready for some time off and a trip to see my family.  I've been more tired than I ought to be.  Also in RL lately, raccoons raided the not-quite-closed dumpster at work and made a royal mess.

Here's a meme I ganked from [livejournal.com profile] isiscaughey , though it's been around my flist in several places.

-Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
-Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
-Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
-This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

my icon discussion )
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Ganked this from [livejournal.com profile] jlrpuck :

There is a feature on Microsoft Word that will automatically "summarize" your document. Open any story of yours - Nano or otherwise - and have Word summarize it for you. Click on Tools / AutoSummarize, and then tell it to present your summary in ten sentences. Have the sentences open in a new document. Post the result in your own LJ, and spread the fun

results for selected stories )

slogan meme

Nov. 7th, 2008 02:46 pm
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*dies of laughter*

Who Would You Have A Captain Jack With?

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Captain Jack slogans.

Who indeed!

And another:

Get More From Captain Jack.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Captain Jack slogans.

And finally:

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Doctor.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Doctor slogans.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled fanfic, memes, random anecdotes, and other normal pointless content of this journal to bring you some monumentally important information. Those of you who are in the US, please make sure you vote on November 4! In most states the registration deadline has passed, but even once you're registered you still need to make sure you know where you're voting and make sure your vote is counted. Here are some tools:

-Google has a handy tool that will tell you your polling place and also seems to provide information about absentee ballots.

-Is there a chance you can't make it to the polls on election day? If you aren't sure, get an absentee ballot NOW (the deadline for requesting one is Tuesday the 28th in many states) or see if you can vote early. (Here's a handy post with additional information about early voting for many states. It's on Daily Kos, a liberal blog, but the info is useful for those of all political persuasions.) Voting early may be a good idea even if you could theoretically vote on election day just to save yourself some lines.

-Carry this number in case you encounter problems on election day: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683). It's the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights, recommended by a friend of mine who is volunteering there. Whoever wins, let's make this election HONEST.

-Another RL friend of mine writes, "In some states, there is concern that people might be turned away from the polls for wearing buttons, t-shirts, hats, etc. with candidates' names on them because this could be considered electioneering. It's mostly been Republicans pushing for this one. Whether or not this actually is an issue remains to be seen, but it's safer to leave that Obama t-shirt/Sarah Palin hat/Britney Spears for City Council vest at home. Moon boots, singing neckties, and paper dresses are all okey-doke." Heck, fellow geeks, you could break out your costume from when you stood in the really long line for the release of Harry Potter 7/ The Lord of the Rings movies/whatever else it is that last motivated you to stand in line for a long time and develop passionate opinions.

-If you are still in line when the polls close, don't panic! You will be allowed to vote as long as you got there by closing time. Expect long lines in most places, so bring snacks, weather-appropriate clothes in case the line stretches outside, a book and/or a friend to keep you entertained, and whatever else you need for a lengthy wait.

-Don't stop with voting for president! Search out information about whatever else is on the ballot for your area: congress, state legislature, state ballot measures, city council, minister of silly walks, whatever. All these less charismatic races can have a big influence on your life! (I can't remember if there are any other Californians on my flist, but I hope any of you out there will vote No on Prop. 8, which is the ballot initiative attempting to ammend the California constitution to ban same-sex marriage. If you're outside CA, consider donating to the No on 8 Campaign , which could use some cash for a final publicity blitz. Do it for George Takei!)

That's the useful information. Time for a brief ramble. I'm a nervous wreck about this election, y'all. I'm obsessively reading the news (and not getting any fic written because of it). Things are looking good for my man Barack's chances at the moment, but after the last two elections I have very little confidence in the American people's ability to choose wisely and the electoral system's ability to express that choice if they manage to make it. Twenty five is too young to be this jaded, so help me restore my confidence in democracy! The voting booth is as close as many of us will get to a TARDIS, because its importance is bigger if you go inside.

Right. Enought serious stuff. Now for some humorous videos you might have already seen!

Silly videos: Les Misbarack, Palin Disney movie trailer, and the final debate in one minute )
Finally, here's something to let you relax and take your mind off politics and the even more terrifying economy: cake wrecks, one of my favorite blogs, just had a special guest feature on Dalek cakes gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Con report

Sep. 4th, 2008 12:02 am
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Dragoncon was grand fun.  It was a fairly eventful weekend.  Among other things, I:

-won a Vogon poetry slam.  Winning a contest to write poetry in the style of the third-worst poets in the Universe is a dubious honor at best, but it was really fun.  I hadn't originally intended to participate.  When volunteers were running short, I ended up volunteering and winning my first matchup.  In the final round, where the winners so far competed against each other, the topic was naked mole rats.  Now, I'm a biology major with a fondness for bizarre animal behavior, and among mammals you just don't get much more bizarre than naked mole rats.  They're some of my favorite creatures.  I know quite a bit about them, so I managed to write a poem that was educational while still being atrocious literature!  I won a wooden egg decorated by hand to be a Dalek.  It's pretty nifty.  

-attended the Brit Track's party for the anniversaries of Doctor Who and some other shows.  The party was mysteriously lacking in traditional party characteristics like snacks or music, although some of us did briefly compensate by singing the DW theme song while beating out the rhythm on our thighs.  Despite all that, I got into a lovely long conversation about DW with [livejournal.com profile] rusty_halo , [livejournal.com profile] minervamoon , [livejournal.com profile] jaydk , [livejournal.com profile] darketernal09 , and other fans I met there.  We had lots of similar opinions, making it fun, but enough differences to keep things lively.  It was great.

-watched the Mighty Rassilon Arts Players*'  From TARDIS with Love, a spoof of DW with a dash of James Bond style thrown in.  It was hilarious, like watching a live action version of a high quality crackfic.  As a bonus, the guy they had playing Captain Jack was appropriately good-looking and spent a good chunk of the play shirtless.  Huzzah!

-had people complement and even ask to take pictures of my Turn Left Donna costume.  Having my work on that beetle appreciated was wonderfully flattering.

-saw panels with Gareth David Lloyd, James Marsters, Nathan Filion, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, and more.  They were all entertaining speakers.  The Firefly lads in particular seemed to be having a great time in each other's company on stage. 

-actually woke up in time to see the parade, which was full of great costumes.  The costumewatching throughout the convention was excellent.

-attended a panel on New Who so crowded they had to move everybody to a new room. My fandom is unexpectedly large, like the TARDIS interior!

-let my fangirl tendencies rule me for long enough to stand in line for James Marsters's autograph.  Eee!  I managed not to completely embarass myself or lose my capacity for speech while shaking his hand and collecting the autograph.  He is very friendly and still quite good-looking in real life, although rather too tan to play a vampire at the moment.

-barely restrained myself from spending nearly $300 on a corset.  I don't need a corset.  I wouldn't have many occasions to wear it.  But it was so pretty, and it made my figure look great!  Sigh...maybe I'll get one next year.

-met a guy in a panel on the Whedonverse track and ended up seeing a movie with him after the con.  Alas, he lives on the opposite coast from me.

*a comedy group that has previously performed plays with titles like Buffy:  Warrior PrincessRomeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter; and Welcome Back, Potter.  Their first play many years ago was classic Who themed, hence the name.  

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I needed to share This Modern World, one of my favorite political comics, this week.  Doctor Who fandom is taking over the world!  (The politics contained here are leftie, so be aware.)


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