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So apparently it was Orlando Bloom's last day of Hobbit filming, and this happened.  I laughed until I ran out of oxygen, and then I laughed more.  (I stopped laughing before passing out, but it was a close thing.)

Meanwhile, I saw Much Ado About Nothing.  It was glorious.  I adore the People Joss Knows Acting Troupe so much.  Also, I want Joss's house.
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I saw The Avengers this weekend.  This is the obligatory squee post:


That's how you do an ensemble action film, folks.  Exactly like that.

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-I hope the success of this project gives Joss the clout to do whatever he wants most for his next project.
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Have you heard the extremely worrisome news circulating?  Warner Brothers announced plans to do a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot movie.  It's not even ten years after the series went off the air, which is frankly too soon for a "reboot" under the best of circumstances.  These are FAR from the best of circumstances, because Joss Whedon is not involvedHe is also not very happy.

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Precisely at the moment the end credits of the final episode of Dollhouse finished, it started to rain. It was as if the sky was crying because there is no more Dollhouse. Damn you, Fox!  Damn you, foolish audiences who never watched Dollhouse or tuned it out before it got good!

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I have a few Dollhouse-watching buddies on this f-list already,  but  I hope to convince the rest of you to join.  Why?  Two reasons.

(1) This show is brilliant and I think you will like it!
(2) Dollhouse isn't doing very well in the ratings, which is hard to avoid since it's in the Friday night doomtime that killed Firefly (*shakes fist at Fox*).  The second season has just started airing, but the word is that if ratings don't pick up then Fox won't even finish airing this season.  I will be very, very sad if this show dies in mid-season. 

Let's explore reason #1 in more detail.

Dollhouse is thoughtful, peopled with complex characters, funny, plotty, and overall the sort of television we need to encourage in America.  It provides great fodder for feminist analysis, if you're so inclined.   You should watch it.  So there.  Still want more info?  Here it is, spoiler-free for those who might want to start from the beginning.
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I want to help out this phenomenal show!  How can I boost its ratings?
  you may be saying by now. Watch it in a way that counts.  If you are in the US and not in a Nielson household, that means it's better to watch it on Hulu, iTunes, Fox on demand, or TiVo than just on your TV, since all of those computer viewings count but only Nielson ratings count for actual TV screen viewing.  High ratings in these nontraditional media were what got Dollhouse a second season in the first place.  Here's more info (complete with links) from the [livejournal.com profile] blank_dolls community, which also includes a bit of info for non-US people.  If you would prefer to watch on your normal TV or need to set your tivo, it's on at 9 pm on Fridays on Fox. 

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Have fun watching!  If you have questions, feel free to ask. 
Those of you who already watch, let's pimp this show like mad!  (And then analyze the feminist implications of using the word "pimp" with regards to a show about prostitution and exploitation!)

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Dollhouse is causing great tension, both in the onscreen and offscreen worlds.  I am starting to get emotionally involved in this show, and now there are the signs of trouble from the network that fans have been prophesying since the beginning.  Apparently Fox isn't planning on airing the last episode of this season.  Let the fandom explosion commence!  But wait...I don't feel like typing out the background story, but apparently Fox is fulfililng their obligations, and this episode is "extra." The network is only being mildly wanker-like rather than heinously evil.  So the decision not to air this episode isn't necessarily a death bell for the series...but it's not exactly promising either. 

Enough about that.  Let me squee about episodes for a bit!

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Dollhouse tonight continued last week's trend of actually being good, if perhaps not quite as good as last week.

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