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God damn it, I had a whole long post that LJ just ate.  >:(  Now I have to rewrite the whole thing.

So, I've been watching Elementary.  I wasn't wild about it at first (other than Lucy Liu, who is wonderful), and I fell behind for a while.  I've finally caught up, and I have to say that it has improved a LOT lately.  I'm really pleased to see it finally hit its stride.  It's great to get a regularly scheduled dose of onscreen Holmes and Watson.  In my opinion, Sherlock is still clearly the better made show as well as MUCH closer to my heart, but I am excited to live in a time that is so rich with diverse interesting Holmes adaptations. 

here there be spoilers )
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This is a drive-by post from Gallifrey One.  A full con report will follow, but I need to file a quick report on my moment of great fandom winning today. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I came with "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" badge ribbons.  I've now used 124 of the 125 I brought.  Of those, 122 are on the badges of assorted wonderful Doctor Who fans (and it was LOVELY to add to their happy ribbon collections and share the cross-fandom love) and one is on my badge.  The remaining one I handed to Toby Haynes, who directed "The Reichenbach Fall"!  He knew about the "believe in Sherlock" movement and seemed to approve.

After he finished doing a live commentary on the DW episode "Day of the Moon," I went to the front of the room, where several other fans had already accosted him to discuss Sherlock, including the Believe in Sherlock post-its that some other person had been sticking around the con.  I was fortunate to have such a handy opening to overcome my normal awkwardness around famous people (one reason I usually avoid the autograph lines and such at cons).  All I had to do was pull out the baggie of ribbons and ask who wanted one. He took one (as did the other excited fans), then I lurked while other people talked for a minute before I ran away.  Suave it was not, but the mission was accomplished.

I see taking the ribbon as proof that the director of the episode that broke Sherlock fandom's heart believes in Sherlock Holmes and the fandom.  (Also, on  a side note, Toby Haynes is really distractingly attractive. I would usually be awkward starting a conversation with someone that hot even if he hadn't directed an episode of a TV show that I am rather obsessed with.)  We certainly don't need the validation of the Powers That Be for fandom movements like this, but it's great to have it anyway.

This con has been so much fun.  Previously, I'd been falling maybe a teensy bit out of love with Doctor Who because of the problems with S6 and the way Sherlock took over my brain, but right now I am so full of love for my show about a madman, the blue box who stole him, and the amazing people who travel with them.  I just want to hug everyone in this fandom right now.

Now time to stop lurking in my room blogging and go back to lobbycon. 
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Gallifrey One is coming up this weekend!  I am bursting with excitement at getting to spend all weekend with fantastic Whovians.  One of the fun traditions at the con is giving or trading ribbons with slogans that people hang from their con badges (frequently in long trains).  This year I've ordered a stack of my own for a bit of fandom collision.

I'm very pleased with my shock blanket orange "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" ribbons.  The samples are posed with Jack Harkness, my copy of the canon Holmes stories (plus Chicks Dig Timelords and other contents of my bookshelf), and the sonic screwdriver.  Because if I'm going to do something quite as ridiculous as taking a photo of the ribbons I'm taking to a con, I'm going to go all the way with geekiness in the photo.
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Things I have done in the past few days:

I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (cut for photo and vague spoilers for Sherlock 2x03) )

-dyed my hair a dark reddish brown.  This marks an improvement over the long roots in dull medium brown, faded chestnut middle, and tips sun-bleached almost blond that it had become in the many moons since I last dyed it.

-saw The Artist.  I was attempting to see The Descendents, but that was sold out, so I decided to see something else at my friendly local independent cinema since I was already there.  I thought The Artist was interesting, well made, and a lot of fun, though I don't understand why critical response has been quite so overwhelmingly fantastic.  It was good but not THAT amazing.  However, I'm not really a movie history buff, so I guess I'm not the optimal audience.

-amazed a sixth grader at work who started singing some of the few clean lines of "I'm On a Boat" by telling him that I knew that song and he needed to stop singing right there.  The fact that I'd heard the song apparently blew his young mind. 


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