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Oh, Heroes.  This show continues to mix in just enough really good television with a whole lot of crud, so I can't quit watching but I'm never quite satisfied. 

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Several days ago [livejournal.com profile] honorh  and [livejournal.com profile] dameruth  did a meme posting snippets of unfinished fic.  It's been a LONG time since I finished any DW fic, but I want to show that I've been writing (sorta, intermittently, skipping between too many stories, and in small chunks).  Because my idea muse is hellishly productive but the muse in charge of actually putting words into sentences and sentences into story structure is a lazy, uncooperative bitch, some, perhaps most, of these will never make it to posting stage.  However, some will eventually see the light of the internet (ex-Girl Scout's honor!).  Hopefully the snippets will prove entertaining on their own.

First, the next Illyria story is entitled "All Thy Pride."  It's long, and it has a long way still to go.  Sorry, gentle readers.  It's plotty, hopefully a bit scary at times, and full of corsets and a bit of dancing.  Here, however, is a bit of banter between Rose and the Doctor without a whole lot of relation to the plot.

All Thy Pride )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, the story that has forcibly set up camp in my brain and occupied a fair chunk of my time over the past few days is a Doctor Who/Heroes crossover.  contains spoilers for the end of Heroes volume 4, plus the Master being threatening )

I am trying really hard to convince my muse that this is the only Heroes crossover it needs to produce.  Heroes is a show that hasn't been particularly good since its first season, and the fandom is a strange place where some seriously dodgy pairings enjoy considerable popularity.    I prefer to stay within the DW 'verse.  Yet the plot bunnies keep speaking. "Jack/Claude would be FANTASTIC," they say.  "Don't you think Hiro's reaction to the TARDIS would be the cutest thing ever?" the bunnies whisper.  "Hey, just netflix a few classic Who DVDs to brush up on Romana.  That idea with her and Sylar will totally be worth it!" one particularly devious bunny begs.  I need a friggin' Holy Hand Grenade to fend off these bunnies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, a bit of post-JE crackfic with the working title of "Mindwipe, Death, or Shag?"  Donna realizes the problem with being a human/Time Lord metacrisis and what the Doctor intends to do about it prior to the trip to Pete's World, while Rose and Jackie are still on board the TARDIS.

here there be crack )
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, a bit of fluff where Nine, Rose, and Jack go out for cinnamon rolls before stopping by Raxacorricofallapatorious after "Boom Town."  This is the beginning of the story.
Rose ponders her mistakes )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The idea for this one perhaps becomes more understandable if you know that it occurred to me while hiking up a hill in some rather insane winds and without a water bottle.  "Hey," I thought to myself.  "You know what would be a GREAT crossover pairing?  Donna/Spike!  Yeah!  I should write that."   By "great," I clearly meant "insane," but nevertheless my hard drive contains a file titled "Donna the Vampire Slayer."  If I have any sense I will abandon this project, but for now I have this passage where Donna presents her family with an explanation for her missing memories post-JE.

Donna could totally kick vampire ass and you know it )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last, during one of the many times "All Thy Pride" has stalled out, I started another Illyria story just to get the ol' muse in the mood.  It might never get finished if "All Thy Pride" and the hypothetical other stories in the main Illyria story arc keep coming, but who knows.  This story asks what would happen if the Sycorax attack from "The Christmas Invasion" occurred in Pete's World with Rose and alt!Nine to fend them off. In this passage, Rose and the Doctor have come home for a visit and just realized that they accidentally landed on Christmas Day.

Doctor + Christmas = trouble )
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*sigh*  I'm not particularly interested in getting into Heroes fandom beyond just watching the show and rambling about it a bit.  However, after the season finale, this little scene wouldn't stop bugging me until I committed Heroes fic.  So here it is, if anyone cares.

Title:  Power Lunch
Author: tardis_stowaway
Characters:  Nathan Petrelli, original character
Rating:  All Ages
Warnings:  None, unless you count a little bit of cursing.
Spoilers:  Through the season finale, “An Invisible Thread.” 
Summary:  Nathan’s recent improvement as a senator gets noticed.
Power Lunch (contains spoilers) )
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Random thoughts regarding Heroes:

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Tonight's Heroes had me talking to my TV screen a lot.
Do the Heroes writers watch DW and hate us? Or was that accidental? Spoilers within. )

Completely unrelated note to self:  just because the huge bag of candy corn in the grocery store calls up a seasonal craving doesn't mean that you need to buy that huge bag right away.  It's ok to wait and look for a package of candy corn suitable for consumption by one.  If you buy the huge bag, you will eat too much at once, and it will be a Very Bad Idea.

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I'm watching Heroes S1 on DVD since I lived in a place without TV when it first aired. (Weird, I know ...I am only an intermittent citizen of the twenty-first century.) I am rapidly coming to adore this show. Among other charms, it provides endless opportunities for fannish glee. When Christopher Eccleston's character, Claude, said "fantastic" I literally clapped my hands in joy. It's good to be easily pleased.


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