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Linkspam time!

Some utterly brilliant person has created End of Time-spoilery Facebook pages for the Doctor and the Master.  I LOLed for about ten minutes solid.

Io9 ponders how various sci-fi heroes would fare in other franchises. The description of what Captain Kirk would be like in Dollhouse is hilarious, including bits like, "Captain Kirk is more than qualified to be Doll. For crying out loud, the man has already spent most of his adult life wearing pajamas!"

The NY Times put out an interesting web map of Netflix rental patterns for various popular movies in several major American cities broken down by neighborhood. Cool ways of displaying data make me happy.
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Sign I devote too much of my brain to fandom #493:

At the contra dance* earlier tonight, one dance had an unusual figure requiring pairs of men to go down the dance together, a move more typical for couples.  My first thought:  hey, look, contra slash!

*Contra is a traditional American form of folk dance, sort of like square dancing but in long lines of couples instead of squares and with a larger amount of awesomeness.  It's great! 

Con report

Sep. 4th, 2008 12:02 am
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Dragoncon was grand fun.  It was a fairly eventful weekend.  Among other things, I:

-won a Vogon poetry slam.  Winning a contest to write poetry in the style of the third-worst poets in the Universe is a dubious honor at best, but it was really fun.  I hadn't originally intended to participate.  When volunteers were running short, I ended up volunteering and winning my first matchup.  In the final round, where the winners so far competed against each other, the topic was naked mole rats.  Now, I'm a biology major with a fondness for bizarre animal behavior, and among mammals you just don't get much more bizarre than naked mole rats.  They're some of my favorite creatures.  I know quite a bit about them, so I managed to write a poem that was educational while still being atrocious literature!  I won a wooden egg decorated by hand to be a Dalek.  It's pretty nifty.  

-attended the Brit Track's party for the anniversaries of Doctor Who and some other shows.  The party was mysteriously lacking in traditional party characteristics like snacks or music, although some of us did briefly compensate by singing the DW theme song while beating out the rhythm on our thighs.  Despite all that, I got into a lovely long conversation about DW with [livejournal.com profile] rusty_halo , [livejournal.com profile] minervamoon , [livejournal.com profile] jaydk , [livejournal.com profile] darketernal09 , and other fans I met there.  We had lots of similar opinions, making it fun, but enough differences to keep things lively.  It was great.

-watched the Mighty Rassilon Arts Players*'  From TARDIS with Love, a spoof of DW with a dash of James Bond style thrown in.  It was hilarious, like watching a live action version of a high quality crackfic.  As a bonus, the guy they had playing Captain Jack was appropriately good-looking and spent a good chunk of the play shirtless.  Huzzah!

-had people complement and even ask to take pictures of my Turn Left Donna costume.  Having my work on that beetle appreciated was wonderfully flattering.

-saw panels with Gareth David Lloyd, James Marsters, Nathan Filion, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, and more.  They were all entertaining speakers.  The Firefly lads in particular seemed to be having a great time in each other's company on stage. 

-actually woke up in time to see the parade, which was full of great costumes.  The costumewatching throughout the convention was excellent.

-attended a panel on New Who so crowded they had to move everybody to a new room. My fandom is unexpectedly large, like the TARDIS interior!

-let my fangirl tendencies rule me for long enough to stand in line for James Marsters's autograph.  Eee!  I managed not to completely embarass myself or lose my capacity for speech while shaking his hand and collecting the autograph.  He is very friendly and still quite good-looking in real life, although rather too tan to play a vampire at the moment.

-barely restrained myself from spending nearly $300 on a corset.  I don't need a corset.  I wouldn't have many occasions to wear it.  But it was so pretty, and it made my figure look great!  Sigh...maybe I'll get one next year.

-met a guy in a panel on the Whedonverse track and ended up seeing a movie with him after the con.  Alas, he lives on the opposite coast from me.

*a comedy group that has previously performed plays with titles like Buffy:  Warrior PrincessRomeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter; and Welcome Back, Potter.  Their first play many years ago was classic Who themed, hence the name.  

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-CBS has put all three seasons of original Star Trek online streaming for free. Nifty!  Now we don't need to buy DVDs or get lucky finding a rerun to engage in some classic fandom or laugh at predictions for the future like all the women wearing absurdly short skirts and beehives.  Ha, ha!  How ridiculous.  Oh, wait:image cut to save your flist )

Beehives and dangerously high hemlines are, disturbingly enough, happening now.  Star Trek also predicts that in the future people will be able to talk people far away simply by flipping open a handheld communication device.  Wait a second.  We're living in the future!  Where's my friggin' flying car?

-This time of year, when it stays light really late, teaching an astronomy elective is difficult.  We stall for time until it's dark enough to use the telescope by showing educational videos from youtube.  One of them is about black holes, but about 17 seconds in there's a random image of Old School daleks.  Every single time I show it I have to fight to stifle my giggles to avoid explaining my extreme Whovian geekdom to a bunch of sixth graders.  It doesn't help that usually right before the black hole video we show a video of solar life cycles that has animation of the sun expanding to engulf Earth. 

-Speaking of black holes, here's a segment of a NPR report on the Large Hadron Collider and the worries that it will produce a black hole containing a neat ultra-short story about what would happen if a black hole did result but could be contained, a potential doom for earth in a stasis chamber for the rest of human existence on this planet.

-Finally, a movie meme grabbed from [livejournal.com profile] honorh:
movie meme )
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Sign #529 that too much of my brain is occupied by Doctor Who:  while reading an issue of National Geographic with an article about Death Valley, I came across the passage below.

I am thinking specially of an area in the northwest section of Death Valley called the Racetrack, where, inexplicably, rocks as big as microwave ovens go zipping across the desiccated mud for distances of more than half a mile (880 m). The evidence is all there: deep tracks in the surface, with a rock at the end. One concludes, reluctantly, that the rocks somehow traveled a couple of hundred yards, leaving a telltale trail behind. There are over 150 of these roving rocks. But no one has ever seen them move.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, friends?  No one has ever seen them move.  My first thought was "Hey, it's an ancestral form of the weeping angels!  They only move when no one's watching." 

Immediately after that came lots of thoughts about how weird the natural world is, how wonderful it is that we still have such mysteries on our own planet, how much geology rocks (cue pun groan), and whether I ought to add Death Valley to the list of places I want to visit (or stay the hell away since I tend to blink a lot!).  Still, that very first thought showed my particular brand of geekiness by combining evolution and DW.

The article (complete with sadly mundane explanation involving absolutely no wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff) is available here.
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I'm watching Heroes S1 on DVD since I lived in a place without TV when it first aired. (Weird, I know ...I am only an intermittent citizen of the twenty-first century.) I am rapidly coming to adore this show. Among other charms, it provides endless opportunities for fannish glee. When Christopher Eccleston's character, Claude, said "fantastic" I literally clapped my hands in joy. It's good to be easily pleased.


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