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I present to you a slashy fanvid of the movie musical 1776.  It's John Adams/Thomas Jefferson.  Though the vid is titled "Brokeback 1776," I believe that it could also be called "America Has Two Daddies."

Thank you internet for this valuable contribution to freedom.

And now back to my usual wishing I were British.
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Exhibit A in why fandom is awesome:  this Sherlock/X-Files fusion trailer.

YES.  I wish so hard that this could be a real thing.  It's like my first OTP and my latest OTP on a double date to save the world!

Meanwhile, John Barrowman turns the train into his own private party:

What's making you happy in fandom lately, friends?
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There has been some debate this season about the morality of some of Eleven's actions this series and to what degree the Doctor does or should tolerate violence.  Personally, I imprinted on Nine, who would sometimes cause the baddies' deaths and even threatened to use a gun (and didn't bother Jack about his gun use quite as much as Ten did), but he hated it and generally found some other way.  He ultimately declared that he'd chose to be a coward, not a killer, every time. 

However, to add to this discussion, I bring you a video of classic Doctors shooting stuff/aliens/etc. set to gangsta rap. (Lyrics NSFW)

(found via io9)
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Photo via Shakesville:

I love Obama's bemused expression. 

If you actually want context for that delightfully odd photo, this is apparently Obama meeting Irish pop duo Jedward, who are identical twins and Eurovision contestants.  Apparently whenever Obama goes to Europe, really amusing photos happen.

While I'm posting wonderful things from the internet, this vid of Doctors One through Ten to the Muppets' "Movin' Right Along" is utterly delightful.

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This meme has been going around my flist.  While I normally think copy & paste memes are a bit pointless, this one made me smile because it is so true.

Copy and Paste if you have enjoyed the blessing of meeting people online that you never would have met any other way. This is an end of the year shout out to the many friends I have never been in the same room with but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways. Here's to another year together.

I've been bad about posting and otherwise communicating lately.  Nevertheless, dear flist, I hope you understand that I'm so grateful to have the chance to know you.  I might have no clue what your voices sound like, but we have shared squees, whines, the occasional stray deep thought, and much more.  I am also immeasurably thankful for the friends I know from offline, and for the way the internet enables me to keep in contact with you when you're scattered across the country and the globe. 

You are all such wonderful people that you deserve David Tennant narrating a video of polar bears playing with robotic spy cameras.

Hooray for friends!

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Hey, LJ!  I've been a bit quiet lately, but I'm still alive.  I'll try to make a more substantial post later, but for now have a bit of a link and vid spam. (A few of you have seen some of these already on Facebook.)


Whale-poo-sniffing dogs:  ladies and gentlemen, science in action.

Airdropping dead mice stuffed with acetaminophen over Guam to kill invasive snake:  if a cartoon evil overlord took up a second career as a conservation biologist, this sounds like the sort of plan s/he would come up with.  However, the brown tree snake situation in Guam is bad enough that all sorts of crazy stuff is worth trying.

Making bioluminescent plants:  You know the saying about sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic? I think glowing trees would qualify.

Victorian Star Trek (via [livejournal.com profile] dameruth ):  photoshop win!

YouTube Stuff

three youtube embeds under the cut to spare your f'list )
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I've been doing too much mindless internet and too little in the way of productive activities lately.  However, I do have a few things to share with you, o flist.  Well, four things.  Well....four things and a manta ray.  Some of the things are vids, and some are my thoughts on various matters.

(1) Dance can express many things:  emotion, identity, sheer physical talent...and science.  Yes, science!  , Behold, the winner of chemistry category of the Dance Your PhD Competition, "selection of a DNA aptamer for homocysteine using SELEX."  Both the idea of the competition and this specific video are AWESOME.

video and other the things under cut to spare your flist )
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Significantly after most of the Internet, I have finally seen the first episode of BBC's Sherlock.  Yep, I see why everybody has been squeeing about it.  What a fun adaptation!  Some points about it:

-I thought the casting on the leads was stellar, and I don't say that only because Benedict Cumberbatch is ridiculously gorgeous.  Martin Freeman is so dead-on as Watson.

spoilers under the cut )

And now for something completely different:  this uber-creepy Weeping Angels vid is amazing! 
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A local movie theater does monthly showings of old favorite movies, and tonight was The Princess Bride.  I own that movie, but nevertheless I shelled out the money for the privilege of seeing it on a big screen with a bunch of other enthusiastic people.  There wasn't as much quoting along with lines as I might have expected (probably for the best), but there were big laughs all the time and also massive applause when Inigo finally finished off Count Rugen, the six-fingered man.  I adore that movie so much!  Westley's snark is a thing of beauty.

Meanwhile, on the subject of humor that has some relation to books, I recently learned of the blog Good Show Sir, which makes fun of really bad sf/fantasy book covers.  Some of the book covers are in hilariously poor taste, and the captions are often very funny (though occasionally poorly punctuated, alas). 

Also, while I suspect that almost everybody has seen it by now, if you haven't yet watched [livejournal.com profile] di_br's vid "Tenth Doctor:  the Musical," YOU MUST REMEDY THAT IMMEDIATELY.  It's embedded below for your convenience, or visit the vidder's LJ post here to comment in LJ or for download links.  It really does sum up Ten's era in a hilarious manner.

You're welcome.
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Doctor Who and Torchwood do darkness really well.  Many of us here in fandom like it to some extent:  why else would we be watching a show about the last survivor of an otherwise extinct people?  We create fics and other fanworks that delve to the depths of the shows' angst potential.  However, in these anxious days as we await The End of Time, I think it's worth remembering how much joy and love exist in this show and this fandom. 

With that in mind, I wanted to link to some fics and vids that fill me with happiness every single time.  I could call this a rec post, but since I'm not making any effort to stick to lesser-known works I think it might be better called a reminder post.  My goal is less to help you find something new (although you may) than to remind you of how much fun this show and this fandom can be.  Some of this stuff is sweet and entirely fluffy, some briefly acknowledges the darkness but moves thoroughly into hope, and some is just zany crack to bring you laughs.

Check out these fics and vids.  Smile.  If you feel inspired, comment with a link to whatever in Doctor Who fandom fills you with joy (or post about it in your own journal).  If you aren't feeling like fics or vids, rec something else, like a picspam, fanmix, macro, meta post, or whatever gives you the warm fuzzies and/or the giggles.  Share the celebration!

Fics )

Vids ) (Note: I've had to go back and fiddle with editing this entry's formatting and such after posting. Sorry to anyone who saw it funny looking, without cuts, or otherwise annoying.)
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I often find fan videos disappointing, but this one was wonderfully crafted.  The images are attuned to both the lyrics and the pace of the music.  The song is from the musical Rent, and I've thought of it before as a great song for the aftermath of Doomsday.   Warning:  contains sorrow!   


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