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I haven't yet seen 7x05, but I have thoughts about Doctor Who series 7 so far!  I'm enjoying it more than S6, although Moffat's episode was my least favorite by far.

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Greetings, wise f-list!  I saw a description of Eleven's hair color in an otherwise wonderful fanfic that confused me, since it was vastly different from what his hair looks like to me.  However, it occurs to me that I'm not sure I've looked at Eleven on anything other than my laptop screen, so maybe my colors are off.  However, everything else (like photos of people I know) seems to be colored correctly.  I mentioned it to the author, and she stands by her description.  It's entirely possible that I am crazy!  I look to you to resolve the confusion.[Poll #1585424]
I've deliberately chosen an Eleven-free icon so any coloring effects by the icon makers will not affect your voting.  Feel free to discuss or elaborate in the comments!

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Longer thoughts on The Big Bang will follow at some point.  For now, a brief (and rather tangential) matter occupies my mind.
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Prior to watching 5x12, I was reflecting that I was not quite as jittery with anticipation and uncontrolled excitement as I used to be about finales in RTD's era.  I've more or less enjoyed every episode this season except the Dalek one.  However, Moffat just isn't as character driven as RTD, and it's characters who really get me to give my heart to a a show.  S5 has been a great ride, but it's left me just a little bit cold and removed (or, looked at another way, a little less fevered and crazy over a fictional show). 

So what did I think after watching 5x12? The Livejournal cut opens )
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Despite some weaknesses and some things I'm still making up my mind about, The Eleventh Hour succeeded in making me squee and reassuring me that this is still a show I can love.  Matt Smith wins my approval, assuming he continues to grow and make the role his own.
The eleven billionth Eleventh Hour reaction post. SPOILERS!!!!!  )
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I posted this story a few days ago at [livejournal.com profile] wintercompanion  for their "Identity" challenge (here), but I forgot to post a link from this journal.  Now that the challenge is closed, I'm reposting here for archival purposes and to give interested friends who don't read that community a chance to see it.

Title: Hijacked Regeneration (1/1)
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Jack, Twelve (yes, Twelve)/Jack, Jack/surprise other recurring character
Spoilers:  Through "The End of Time"
Warnings: The Jack/surprise pairing may require brain bleach for the more sensitive.  Non-explicit sex and lots of innuendo. Crack. Regeneration in the name of crack.
Summary: When Eleven regenerates in Jack’s arms, Jack finds out the reason the Doctor has avoided him during regenerations. There’s something different about the Twelfth Doctor, or should that be something a little too familiar?
Author’s Notes: Many thanks and virtual cookies to [livejournal.com profile] wendymr  for the fantastic, speedy beta service.

Yes, I am killing Eleven before he has even two minutes onscreen. For that and much more, I am so, so sorry. Please assume that Eleven has had a long and mostly happy life. Jack, while he has not exactly lived on the slow path between the 21st century and the 94th, has experienced more than enough time to make the events of CoE no longer at the forefront of his mind.

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