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HUZZAH!!!!! (celebratory gifs under the fold) )

So relieved.  Thank you America.

Also, Todd Akin loses to Claire McCaskill.  As a friend wrote on Facebook, looks like women's bodies had ways of shuting that whole thing now.  The Senate in general looks likely to remain Democratic, which is AWESOME.
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Y'all, this interview of Elijah Wood being interviewed by Stephen Colbert is the cutest thing, especially the latter part where they discuss the Hobbit. They compare swords (wink wink, nudge nudge). Stephen totally geeks out.  *draws sparkly hearts around both of them* 

Did you catch the part where Elijah briefly channeled Ned Stark?  ("Winter is coming...")

On the subject of things that are amazing, here is a gorgeous extended-exposure photo of a moonbow beside a gorgeous waterfall with the Northern lights overhead.  How so awesome, Iceland?

Meanwhile, the lyrics meme is still open if anyone else cares to hazard a guess at the remaining songs.  I'll probably post answers tomorrow.
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Look what I found while out hiking on Sunday!
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Hey, LJ!  I've been a bit quiet lately, but I'm still alive.  I'll try to make a more substantial post later, but for now have a bit of a link and vid spam. (A few of you have seen some of these already on Facebook.)


Whale-poo-sniffing dogs:  ladies and gentlemen, science in action.

Airdropping dead mice stuffed with acetaminophen over Guam to kill invasive snake:  if a cartoon evil overlord took up a second career as a conservation biologist, this sounds like the sort of plan s/he would come up with.  However, the brown tree snake situation in Guam is bad enough that all sorts of crazy stuff is worth trying.

Making bioluminescent plants:  You know the saying about sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic? I think glowing trees would qualify.

Victorian Star Trek (via [livejournal.com profile] dameruth ):  photoshop win!

YouTube Stuff

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I've been doing too much mindless internet and too little in the way of productive activities lately.  However, I do have a few things to share with you, o flist.  Well, four things.  Well....four things and a manta ray.  Some of the things are vids, and some are my thoughts on various matters.

(1) Dance can express many things:  emotion, identity, sheer physical talent...and science.  Yes, science!  , Behold, the winner of chemistry category of the Dance Your PhD Competition, "selection of a DNA aptamer for homocysteine using SELEX."  Both the idea of the competition and this specific video are AWESOME.

video and other the things under cut to spare your flist )
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Happy enough that I want to do this dance:

After one of the dimwits at AT&T finally told me that the dsl service I was receiving just fine three weeks ago absolutely couldn't be restored (*shakes fist at corporate idiocy*),  I bit the bullet and called Comcast yesterday about cable internet.  It costs a fair amount more than dsl, which is not good for me right now, but it's worth it.  Ordering by phone was easy and fairly quick, and they scheduled a technician to come out and make it happen the very next day.  (That technician arrived two hours later than the end of the time window they told me, but when he arrived he was rather hot, so that was something.)  Look how easy that was. 

Now I have beautiful, blazing fast internet that I can access from my own sofa, bed, kitchen, or any other location in the house.  It's like I'm living in the 21st century or something!   I want to pet the internet and whisper "my precioussssss" to it. 

Here is one of the many shiny things that I can once again view in the privacy of my home:  a brilliant fan-made map of the TARDIS.  It's gorgeous, intricate, funny, and sometimes even poignant.  This, kids, is why fandom is awesome.
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I read a fascinating blog post by nightsky ([livejournal.com profile] ellipticcurve  on LJ) about the costuming trend for femme!Doctors and what it might mean.  I was a big fan of the femme!Doctor costumes I saw at the last few cons I went to, especially this latest Gallifrey, but couldn't really articulate why I loved them aside from the beauty of many of the costumes, the playfulness, and perhaps the chance for women to play the Doctor without having to disguise themselves as men.  Nightsky explores how the femme costumes play with concepts, looks at some history, and concludes with some great points about how femme costumes can be a way for women to assert our belonging in geekdom without sacrificing femininity to act like one of the boys.  Plus, there are nifty costume pictures!

Prior to me seeing this blog post but strangely related, my father and I got into a discussion of women we think would be good in the role of the Doctor.  After mentioning Emma Thompson, his initial top choice was Holly Hunter (with the point that if the Doctor was switching genders, a Georgia accent was not that big a stretch).  I really haven't seen Hunter in enough stuff to comment on that casting choice.  My list of fantasy casting for a female Doctor, without regard for the likelihood that said actresses would actually be willing to take the role, is as follows:

4. Kate Winslet:  Because she is just generally awesome and should be in everything.  She's got great presence and acting range. I bet she could do a great Oncoming Storm mode.

3.  Sigourney Weaver:  This is a bit off the wall, since she is (a) American, and (b) mostly known for blow-'em-up action movies, but I think it would actually be amazing. She can do the serious acting in addition to the blowing up of aliens.  Galaxy Quest shows that she can also do comedy.  Also, I think it would be great stereotype-busting to have the first female Doctor be tough as nails.  She's older than any of the previous actors were when they took the role (yes, even Hartnell), but she's fit and gorgeous for her age. (Realistically, I'd want a British actress as the Doctor, but I still kinda like this idea.)

2.  Catherine Tate:  This was a rumor prior to the casting of Matt Smith, though probably a rumor based utterly on fannish wishful thinking.  Sure, it would need some crazy sci-fi explanations for why the Doctor regenerated to look like Donna, but it would be brilliant enough to be worth it.   DoctorDonna FTW!   Raise your hand if you can come up with a reason why the Doctor could end up looking like Donna (or Donna could end up AS the Doctor) that makes as much sense as some of the stuff the show gives us.  I bet everyone has her/his hand up now.  Also, ginger!

And my number 1 choice for a woman Doctor is...

Helena Bonham Carter.  She has a wonderful, very Doctor-ish quirky energy.  She's hilarious but also capable of the serious acting when need be.  A little bit of madness is definitely an asset in the role.  She's old enough for gravitas but still gorgeous and charismatic.  Her idiosyncratic goth/bohemian style could translate into a really cool Doctor costume.  After hearing this list, my dad shifted Helena Bonham Carter to the top of his. 

What about you, flist?  What women would you cast as the Doctor? Assume no budget constraints.

Also on the subject of Teh Wimmins, flickr user caseface123 posted a neat photography project where she asked people of various ages and genders to make a sign about what feminism means to them and then shot their photographs with the signs.  Some are positive, some are negative, all are fascinating for what they say about people.  My favorite is below the cut:
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Here's a meme from [livejournal.com profile] isiscaughey  that makes me happy:

Comment with the name of a (or some) female character(s) and I'll tell you why I love her (them). In return, you can do the same in your journal (if you so desire).

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Best use of video editing software ever: Buffy reacts appropriately to Edward Cullen's clumsy, stalkerish attempts to pick her up.  This clip is really well put together to tell a story that made me laugh and cheer.
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OMGWTFDOLLHOUSESQUEEEEEE! How is Fox canceling this show? Have they watched the episodes that aired tonight? If they had watched it then there is no way in hell they could cancel, ratings be damned. Still, their tactic to clear Dollhouse out of the way faster does mean sweet two-hour blocks of Dollhouse, which I kinda love.

Double the Dollhouse, double the fun, double the SPOILERS )
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Check out this article on a newt that can move its ribs to turn their "spear-sharp" points into defensive spines, which entails STABBING THE RIBS OUT THROUGH ITS SKIN.  That's right, no convenient pore.  The spines cut through the skin every time!  It's okay, though, because the newts heal really fast.  It's Wolverine in newt form!  This is yet more evidence that biology is way more exciting than other sciences.
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OMG!  Dollhouse tonight!!  So awesome!!!  Joss Whedon FTW!!!!

*pause to breathe deeply and regain ability to type in comeplete sentences* 
Folks, if you've liked some of Whedon's previous series but you haven't watched Dollhouse due to the mediocre reviews of the first few episodes, you might want to rethink your decision.  This show has grown into some damn fine television.

This kind of expansionist thinking led to the Trail of Tears! [CONTAINS SPOILERS] )
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Wow, y'all. Children of Time winners have been announced, and my stories are among them! The Illyria series is runner-up for the AU category, and "Path of Needles" won for Rose Tyler. I am absolutely thrilled by this news, especially given the extraordinarily high quality of the other nominated fics. I knew people liked these stories, but this was unexpected, especially PoN's win in a category with so many brilliant fics.    I am off to go give my Oscar speech to the mirror or something like that.

Congratulations to all the winners!  I was pleased to see so many fics I adore on the list (and I'm happy that there will be another round in April to give another chance to some of the fabulous fics that didn't win this time).
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I am jubilant right now!  I am so thrilled that my country made this choice.  Filling in the bubble for Obama in the voting booth was such a wonderful feeling, even though my state's presidential result was never in doubt.  This is the president we need.  His acceptance speech was marvelous.  It brought tears to my eyes. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the CA ballot measures, but it's not looking good for gay marriage.  :(  I just don't get it, people.  Love is love.  Why discriminate against some of it?

But Obama will be president!  I'm so pleased that it's a broad victory and not just Kerry's states plus Ohio or Florida.  A real, unifying mandate will do Obama and this country a world of good.
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I spent nearly two hours today calling voters in New Mexico on behalf of Obama. Hey, there are more ways to save the world than big yellow trucks.

On a completely unrelated note, National Geographic recently published some cave photos that blew my mind.  I had no idea crystals that big existed in reality.  It looks like an alien planet the Doctor might take a companion to, or possibly the caves of Helm's Deep that impressed Gimli so much.


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